About Jyotika Varmani

Jyotika Varmani is a UGC-NET and UGC-SET qualified tutor of psychology, working in the capacity of lecturer and tutor since 2014. She qualified for the UGC-SET exam even before completing her Masters’ in Psychology in the year 2013. She secured the first rank in Mumbai city and the third rank in Maharashtra state for the same. She qualified the UGC-NET exam in the subsequent year in 2014, as she worked in the capacity of lecturer for undergraduate students in the psychology department of RD National College.

National Qualification for Lectureship in Psychology
State Qualification for Lectureship in Psychology

Author of Renowned Psychology Blogs and Websites

Believing in letting her work speak for itself, she started the blog excellingpsychology.blogspot.in in 2015 which was soon upgraded to excellingpsychology.blogspot.com by Blogger, given its tremendous international popularity with psychology students of Cambridge A-levels and of the Oxford IB Psychology Diploma Programme.

On the recommendation of professor and owner of the tremendouly popular simplypsychology.org, professor Saul McLeod, she upgraded her blog to the website excellingpsychology.com. She now authors the site and its companion sites alevels.excellingpsychology.com; and ibpsych.excellingpsychology.com.

Her work has repeatedly earned a listing as a teacher’s resource for the A-levels pscyhology syllabus.

Listing of excellingpsychology.blogspot.in as a reference in Cambridge’s (2018) Reference Manual for Teachers
Listing of excellingpsychology.blogspot.in as a reference in Cambridge’s (2020) Reference Manual for Teachers

Popular Psychology Content Creator on YouTube

She also started her YouTube channel in the same year as her website. However, becoming active on it in 2021, she immediately gaining a lot of views and appreciation from students of international boards, those preparing for competitive exams; and those preparing for their Masters and Bachelors through IGNOU university.

Experienced and Respected Tutor

She has been much appreciated for her work as a tutor, as evident from the unsolicited reviews posted by her students on her My Business Page.

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Passionate Researcher and Confident Presenter

Very enthusiastic about research, she has contributed notably to various research publications on topics ranging from those belonging to organizational psychology, psychological disorders and positive psychology. As a confident speaker, she has presented her papers in national and international conferences including the highly honored annual conference of the Bombay Psychological Association (BPA) and winning an award for the presentation of the best paper in an international conference held by the University of Mumbai.

Popular Guide for Psychology-related Queries on Quora

She has also gained popularity on the online question-answer platform Quora, in the English and Hindi platforms of the site, answering questions related to career possibilities in the field of psychology; as well as those relating to the content of psychology.

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Enthusiastic Lecturer

As a lecturer, she was active not only in teaching pscyhology through interactive, visual-audio teaching aids; but also in guiding students through extracurricular activities arranged by her college.

Sincere Student

Having been sincere in her work right from student life, she earned many distinguished ranks and grades all through school and college life; acquiring many certificates for her curricular and extracurricular performances.

As of date, Jyotika Varmani is trying to use her wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of psychology to train students pursuing various courses in the subject. Her aim is to not only guide students through to gaining the degree of their choice, but to develop them into wise practitioners and critical thinkers of the field.

If you are seeking to pursue psychology under her guidance, you can mail your query Jyotika Varmani at-

jyotika@excellingpsychology.com; OR

You can also call her or send her a WhatsApp message on-

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